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  OUR LATEST MODEL: JACOB Updated: Jan 1st
This week we have a Double Update. With hot alpha male, Rugby playing Jacob who had his girlfriend at the beach saying he was doing board short shoot and twinky Ryan. Both being serviced at the gloryhole, at the same time by our passionate-expert cocksucker James. While they watched straight porn. James went into cock hungry mode when the boys got full erections and demanded more sucking by pushing their cocks in and out of the hole. He blew both of them and them himself. Cum spurting everywhere.
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  INSIDER NEWS by DaveDarkroom

Summer in Australia when the “whatever boys” come out to play.

When summer rolls around and the weather warms up the guys strip down. Board shorts, T shirts and thongs are the uniform of summer here. From the Pacific in the East to the Indian ocean in the west. All around Australia the guys come out of winter hibernation, through a surfboard under their arm and run to the surf. Wherever and whenever they go we are there with camera in hand to photograph them, as we have been doing for the past 11 summers and placing them on line for you.

We will never dress someone up and make him look what he isn’t. Sometimes a guy can’t come, for many reasons including its maybe the first time he has ever pulled off with guys watching him so we won’t fake he came. What you see on AAB is Raw, Real, Life. This site is a true reflection of young Aussie males, doing their thing. . .

Most models, if you asked them, if they were Straight, Bi or Gay would answer - “I am just Joel” (their name), type response which makes me feel like a dinosaur. Having to pigeon hole people’s sexual orientation. This no longer applies in the younger generation of today. It is disarming at first but very refreshing at the same time. It brings me to wonder has it always, really been like that or is this a new sexual phenomenon. Many also say straight.

We appreciate the continual support of our loyal members. Many of you have been with us for a long time and by now know what we offer and the type of site AAB is. It’s a very defined niche. Its natural Aussie boys mostly genuine athletes and sportsmen (AFL Footballers, Surf-Lifesavers, Surfers etc) pulling themselves off, getting sucked at the Glory hole while watching lesbian porn or getting fucked or fucking other guys.

Remember if you would like to model for us, click “Model for us” on the homepage. As a member of this site you may also want to do a shoot sucking some of our athlete models. Simply click “want to suck our model” link on the models home page in the members area.

Be assured after 10 years we will continue to keep the hot Aussie athletes Cumming !!

We value your support – Dave.

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