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Teen Boy Models features over 700+ original Teen Boy Models, shot on location in Australia.

Every week we bring our members a new exclusive Teen Model. We find straight boys, usually athletes, and ask them if they want to make some quick money by modelling. Once they are comfortable we offer them more money to pose for nude photos. Then the fun starts - the straight boys really enjoy showing off their body's that they have spent hours in the gym for, they really start to get into it. Now we offer them more money to pose for hotter shots, getting a bit hard to make it look bigger! Soon we put on a lesbian porn DVD to help, and in no time at all they are ready to blow their load. They can't help but start to touch themselves, jerking off right in front of our cameras - some models even want to try the Gloryhole were they get sucked off through but they cannot see who's sucking their cocks.

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